Homegrown Organic Vegetables

No, I don’t grow my own vegetables. Just haven’t got green fingers.

However I’m really fortunate! Last Friday I met up with a friend and she generously shared with me her mum’s homegrown organic pumpkin and tomatoes. IMG_7810.JPG


Don’t they look so beautiful?

I cooked Thai Pumpkin and Chicken Curry with them. The pumpkin was so sweet and delicious! Usually I’m not fussed with pumpkin seeds but as this pumpkin was homegrown, I decided to roast them. Nothing wasted!


Those tomatoes were so good on their own. They would make jolly good explosives! Each and every one I ate “exploded” in my mouth. They were so juicy! Yummilicious!!!

Thank you “E” for sharing your mum’s harvests with us! Please thank her for us!


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