Three Months Old

Dear Theo,

You’re 3 months old today! We’re so proud of you for all that you’ve achieved!

3 months ago, on the day you were born, you needed so much help. Thankfully you had very good doctors and nurses to help you. IMG_0007.JPG

A million questions went through my mind as I wondered how I could possibly give you the best care in the world.

In this short period of time we worked brilliantly as a family of three. Although I was heartbroken upon seeing your beautiful feet and all the tubes around your little body, you showed Mama how brave you were. You never really fussed in the cold, hard casts. You took only 1.5 days to adapt to the boots and brace. Despite being a little man, you are a lot stronger than me.

In these three months, you smiled and laughed, rolled over, became aware of your hands and feet, grabbed your panda and giraffe rattles, gained good head control and was introduced tummy time. It is little wonder why you have bad days at times given all the information you have to process. IMG_7816.JPG

Mama still looks at the pictures of you as a newborn in neonatal care. I’m amazed at how you’ve improved to be the healthy, bubbly and happy boy you are today.

At 3 months old, you’re already a cheeky monkey. You’re tickled when we plant kisses on you. You enjoy playing rough. One of your favourite activities is story time when we read you books. Current favourite – The very hungry caterpillar. While you still enjoy Papa’s koala bear hugs, you’ve started to want us to carry you facing outwards so that you can explore the world around you.

My dear 3 month old darling, you’re my little Prince. We have good and bad days/ nights. On bad nights, I feel like you’re pushing me over the edge and Papa has to intervene to save me. But you know what sweetheart, you’re the ONLY person in the world who’s capable of making me fall in love with you all over again after bad nights.

Mama’s looking forward to our journey together. I can assure you we’ll have ups and downs, but we’ll try to make your childhood a memorable one that’s jam packed with love.



4 thoughts on “Three Months Old

  1. Oh my, you made me have tears in my eyes! After following all the process you have been through after Theo was born, I have to say I am really happy for you and for him… he looks every day more beautiful and cute!! One day he will read your blog and will be very grateful for having you as a mama, a brave mama 😀 congratulations! And happy 3 months to Theo! 😀

    1. Aww… Thank you so much! I love this boy so much. Strange really, because I never knew I had this huge a capacity to love someone I’ve known only 3 months! Haha

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