I am a Hypochondriac

According to Daniel, I’m a hypochondriac when Theo’s well-being is concerned. Hypochondria is obsessive worrying about your health, usually to the point where it causes great distress and affects your ability to function properly.

IMG_7833.JPGOf course, we’re using the word fairly loosely here. But here’s the story behind it.

After 1 day of applying anti-fungal cream on Theo’s cheeks

Me: Why isn’t the rash GONE?!?!??
(Frantically took pictures of his cheeks daily to see if there was an improvement.)

A dry spot on his scalp.

Me: OMG!!! He’s got cradle cap!!! Oh no! He’s going to get patches all over his head and face!
(Quickly messaged my mother-in-law about it to seek treatment advice and a friend whose son recently had cradle cap.)

3 white spots on right foot

Me: Damn it! Are they blisters from wearing the boots and bar?
(Sent an email to the surgeon who treated him on Friday evening immediately although I knew I won’t get a reply.)

Me after asking for advice on a clubfoot support Facebook group: OMG! My son’s got hand, foot and mouth disease!!!
(Googled hfmd images and started to imagine all the pain Theo will go through. Messaged mother-in-law, cousin and friend to seek their opinions. Lost sleep that night over 3 spots and convinced Daniel we NEED to go to A&E first thing in the morning.)

Theo sneezed/ coughed

Me: Oh no! The apartment is too cold! He’s fallen ill!!!

So yes, I’m a hypochondriac when Theo’s health is concerned. I tend to worry a lot when it comes to him. Excessively, I think.

With the use of internet these days, it is really easy to make informed decisions of one’s health. At the same time technology is a double-edged sword for me as I easily fall prey to worries or others (whom I don’t know) telling me on forums that symptom A is a sign of deadly illness B.

For instance, I was really upset when other mums told me Theo’s spots looked like hfmd. Firstly, I just met up with a friend and her baby that day. It would be terrible if Theo passed the virus to her child! I know that can’t be helped since we didn’t mean it, but I would have felt awful! Secondly, I didn’t want Theo to be back in casts if they were blisters. His treatment has been going so well and I would hate for things to be messed up. Thirdly, just like any mums, neither do I want to see my son ill. So glad that the 3 spots just disappeared after a couple of days. They were basically spots caused by blocked pores. Phew…

Oh, and the dry patch on the scalp never developed into cradle cap. And he hasn’t got a cold or cough. His cheeks are still slightly sore from using the anti-fungal cream since it really dries them. Hence I’m bringing him back to the doctor’s because SHE SAID TO DO SO if the skin doesn’t clear up. She knows so well that I’m the “easily bothered” mum. She actually asked if I was bothered by Theo’s rash. DUH!!! I don’t like to self-medicate a baby. I’m not confident of doing so.

As a hypochondriac, I’m pleased to have Daniel as my husband. He’s really calm when it comes to Theo’s health right from day one. He’s here to keep me sane, if not calm. I suppose I’m just that sort of mum – the one that panics and over-reacts when her baby’s ill. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of, I suppose. I would rather be over cautious and consult a doctor when Google tells me sh*t than to miss any signs that something is not quite right.

I suppose I’ll get more used to different baby related ailments in time to come and relax a bit more. So dear bacteria and viruses, please cut some slack on this hypochondriac mum who still has loads to learn.


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