Pho Ngon – Noodle and Dim Sum Bar

Pho Ngon is a newly opened restaurant located near Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. After seeing a friend posted mouth-watering photos of the food there, I decided to try it out on Sunday.

The ambience was great as the place was well decorated. However I no longer am too bothered with the interior design of restaurants since we should all know that it isn’t a good indication of how good the food is.

So, firstly I need to point out that their signboard is misleading. They DON’T do dim sum. Apparently they used to but no longer do so. Definitely very strange for a Vietnamese sounding place to serve dim sum anyway.

Secondly, though not stated on their menu, the set lunches are only valid on weekdays. I’m being very picky here, but it’s just such a waste of decision-making time since we weren’t told that till we placed our order.

As usual, I ordered a bowl of beef Pho which costs €12,90.IMG_7831.JPG

I loved it. The soup was so delicious and I was told that they don’t add msg in it. The beef slices were tender and juicy. Despite loving it, I didn’t think it tasted anything like an authentic Pho which would have been more herby and rich in flavour. The soup base reminded me of beef noodles you would get in Singapore or Malaysia. I reckon they would have scored a higher customer review if they didn’t try to sell the dish as “Vietnamese Pho” because authentic Pho tastes nothing like a good bowl of beef noodles. Using Vietnamese rice noodles doesn’t make it a Pho.

Would I recommend others to have Pho at Pho Ngon? Yes, if you’re craving for an amazing bowl of soupy beef noodles especially on colder days. No, if you want REAL Pho. Vipho still does the best authentic Pho in town.

Here’s what Dan had. It’s dry rice noodles with beef. His came with fish sauce which I liked but he didn’t. It was quite a generous portion.

Vietnamese coffee – this is one thing that they’ve got right. Bitter-sweet, strong coffee for the sleep-deprived parents. Excellent!

IMG_7829.JPGMy filter worked a lot slower than Dan’s. When I asked the waitress about it, she said in Mandarin to me, “Miss, you need to be more patient.” Ermmm… 30 minutes? The ice in the separate glass had melted! They need to check that they’ve not tightened the filter too much. However, the coffee had a punch and tasted great.

Customer Service – Nothing impressive. I’m just spoilt by the other Asian restaurants I visit in Frankfurt. The experience was made lovely because the lady boss from Jade (restaurant next door) was there and she attended to us. Experience in the service industry helped and I think those working at Pho Ngon will have lots to learn from her to make customers happy. She explained to Dan that he could add more sauce to his dry noodles. When she found out that he didn’t fancy the sauce he was given, she came back with another which he liked. She also noticed the glass of melted ice and emptied it for him and showed him how to have Vietnamese coffee. The waitresses were standing behind the bar when it all happened.

Complimentary warm dessert – I have no idea what it’s called. It was sticky rice with red beans and coconut topped with peanuts. They’ve also got this right. So glad Dan doesn’t eat such desserts! Extra servings for me!

Will I visit Pho Ngon again? Yes, I would like to try their spring rolls and other chicken and pork dishes. However, don’t go there expecting REAL Pho because that’s not what you’ll get.


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