Our Clubfoot Journey: 30 Days to Go

And we’ll be in part-time boots and bar!

On 30th September, we’ll be having a check up with the Orthopedist to evaluate Theo’s progress. It’s all very exciting! We can’t wait for him to be able to move his legs freely during the day – not that the bar stops him from rolling over or anything. It is good to see that it hasn’t hindered Theo.

One of the main tasks to focus on once he goes part-time is to encourage him to move his ankles more. Right now they are held at the required angle in the boots and bar, hence even when we remove the BnB he doesn’t seem to be aware that his ankles are capable of rotating inwards.

I think swimming will help him develop his calves muscles so that’s something we’ll need to look into. Alternatively, as this boy LOVES his baths, we’ll start using the actual bathtub soon as he’s getting too big for his baby tub!

I’ve marked the 30th of Sept on my calendar. Super excited now!


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