Our Clubfoot Journey: Part-Time Boots and Bar

23 May 2014: The day Theodore was born and before starting the Ponseti clubfoot treatment.

Goodbye casts! I remember being really upset when Theodore got his shoes fitted.

After 12 weeks of 23/7 boots and bar, the Orthopedist said Theodore’s progressing extremely well and he’s down to 12 hours bnb daily!


His feet are now fully corrected. The purpose of wearing the bar is to prevent a relapse. For the next 4 years, Theodore will have skinnier ankles than other non-clubfoot children because the boots push the fats up his legs. When he learns to walk, he’ll look more like Charlie Chaplin than other non-clubfoot babies. However, it will all work out once we’re done with the 4 year long treatment.

We’re so so so proud of our boy. This is the one special moment which makes me want to tell everyone how great Theodore has been. HE IS GREAT!!!


2 thoughts on “Our Clubfoot Journey: Part-Time Boots and Bar

  1. hi,

    My baby boy Andre just born 13 days ago and he also have bilateral clubfeet.
    i feel great when i saw your post, as your baby didnt have to wear the bar and boots for very long time. its very encouraging.


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