Cake Me Up at Karstadt, Frankfurt

Gone are the days when I can easily pop into any cafe in town. These days places I go to need to be baby-friendly. In another words, there needs to be a baby changing room.

On the 5th level of Karstadt is a food court and round the corner is a baby changing toilet. Perfect! I love this place as it’s spacious, fairly quiet and there’s no need to rush through your food.

While I’m not particularly impressed with the main dishes there, I’m blown away by the cakes. Just look at the variety! IMG_0035.JPG


Plenty to choose from, right? I have no idea how long my friend and I stood there in awe before deciding what we were going to indulge in.

She ended up with a plum cake.


I carefully helped myself to the largest piece of pear cake (they weren’t cut evenly so I had to choose the biggest piece).


And Dan had chocolate cake! I’m so happy he had a slice too as it made me feel better consuming those calories.


The cakes were devilishly scrumptious. The fruity ones that my friend and I had were so moist in the middle. I thought they were generous with the amount of fruits used too. Pretty much as good as homebaked cakes! Dan’s chocolate cake was so tasty too. I love chocolate cakes which aren’t too sweet. However Dan was probably hoping for a Cadbury type of chocolate cake so he didn’t finish his. The ladies helped him though. Yay!

So, if all the hip and in cafes are busy in town, why not pop into Karstadt and enjoy their cakes?


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