Phuket Thai Imbiss, Frankfurt

Did I mention that there are actually quite a handful of Singaporean ladies (who are also mummies) living in Frankfurt? Before I had Theo, I was under the impression that Munich was the place to be if I wanted to meet Singaporeans. Now, it’s great to have a little group of friends who understand Singlish to hang out with. Singaporeans, being who we are, are infamous for hunting down yummy food everywhere.

During one of our meetings, I was introduced to Phuket Thai Imbiss at Konstablewache. This place might look ordinary but the food is exceptionally tasty. So yesterday we visited it with a friend.

We ordered a spread consisting of Thai Beef Green Curry, Tom Yum, Spicy Waterspinach with Minced Pork and Crispy Duck Noodles with Soup to share.





What a treat it was! I find myself always ordering the duck noodles. I love how strong the flavour is – a good mix of spices! It made me miss duck rice back in Singapore. I really should give the other dishes a shot too since they have a rather extensive menu.

Definitely need another trip there before we head back to Oxford for Christmas!


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