Germans Open Windows All The Time

If you chanced upon this blog entry, chances are you have a mold problem in Germany. Why else would you be interested in reading about a population who’s ever so obsessed with opening windows? Yes. OPENING WINDOWS.

We have a slight mold problem just on the ceiling outside the bathroom. It’s a problem we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to because (1) this apartment isn’t ours so I wouldn’t want to neglect it (2) it looks ugly and most IMPORTANTLY (3) MOLD IS DANGEROUS FOR THEO’S HEALTH. Despite heating our place to a comfortable 20 degrees Cels (as per our contractual agreement) and opening our windows 2-3 times a day top-down for 5-10 minutes each, the humidity levels are still too high in our apartment.

Thankfully, my landlady promptly engaged a Mold Expert to evaluate the condition. On the plus side, he said the mold isn’t serious and can be sorted easily. On the other hand, I need to air the apartment like crazy.

I’ve had noticed neighbours opening their windows fully even in the middle of winter when it’s -10 degrees centigrade outside. I thought to myself “Aren’t they cold? Aren’t they wasting on heating?” Well, I’ve been told to open ALL my windows fully at least FOUR times a day for 5 minutes. I can hope for a strong gust of wind to blow through this 1950s apartment (and feel the chill in my bones) so that air is “refreshed”.

I’ve spoken to a handful of friends and everyone seems to have different ventilation methods. A friend simply leaves her window open top-down from dawn to dusk even in winter! Non-German friends have suggested getting dehumidifiers and fans, but my German friend reckons doing it the natural way – opening windows.

Are German houses so tightly sealed? Bet they are! After a couple of hours, I have an unexplainable, strong urge to jump up from my sofa and frantically open all windows before I suffocate on the sofa.


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