Before I Go To Sleep – Book 4

Ever since we’ve had Theo I’ve read so much. Yup, kids’ books only.

Over the past few months I noticed myself spending a lot of time on the iPhone or iPad whenever I had free hands. Most of the time it was mindless surfing, reading the news, scaring myself with all the things that could go wrong with Theo etc. It got to the point where I would literally feel my brain cells die from the lack of any intellectual input. I thought to myself, “Having a baby doesn’t mean I stop doing what I used to love!” So last weekend I picked up my ancient Kindle and started reading AGAIN.

I read whenever I nurse Theo. I’m way past the “Baby-stares-at-Mama-awwwww-Mama-stares-back-and-lock-eyes” stage. Ok, I lied. I’m still blown away by Theo’s cheekiness daily.

So yes, I picked up another thriller – Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson.
Page turner it was. The main character is Christine who wakes up EVERYDAY not knowing who she is. She has to be reminded by the man who sleeps next to her in bed of her past. At her doctor’s suggestion, she writes a journal daily which she forgets about every morning until he rings her about it to remind her.

How dreadful it must be for her! Waking up to find yourself 20 years older, not knowing yourself or anyone or the past. How scary it must be to have to accept your past as others tell you. Who can you trust?

A lot of questions raced through my mind as I read the book. Just like Christine, there were times when I felt I couldn’t trust Ben (her husband) nor Dr Nash. Were they telling her the truth? Or did she invent the memories herself?

I had to remind myself that I had to sleep and not finish the book at one go in the middle of the night. I had to know how Christine ended up being what she’s like. I had to know who robbed her of her past.

And when I found out the truth did my jaw drop? Yeah, kind of. It didn’t send me screaming “Hell NOOOOO!!!” but nonetheless the truth did shock me. The ending left me feeling annoyed as I really wanted to know if Christine would recover. Argghhh.., spoiler.


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