Me Before You – Book 5



This is no ordinary love story. The book addresses sensitive topics such as euthanasia and quadriplegics. Before you brush it off as a “dead boring” or “too heavy” book, Jojo Moyes is such a brilliant writer to have included humour in her writing despite all the grim surrounding the characters.

I love the witty exchanges between Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. I love how the reader is able to look at circumstances through a different character’s eyes in some chapters. This technique helps readers put ourselves in different shoes (not just the main characters’).
It makes me feel for the other characters, especially Will’s parents. A dad who has to put his life on hold (yet guilty for thinking that if his son was dead he would be free) because of Will’s quadriplegic state. And his Magistrate mum who’s utterly broken-hearted inside despite her cold and aloof appearance.

Many readers have confessed to crying their eyes out when they read the book. However, I didn’t. I just couldn’t shed a tear after I was done with it. It isn’t because I wasn’t upset. On the contrary, I finished the book with an extremely heavy heart. As a mum now, I felt as though a million knives stabbed through my heart when I found out that Will had asked his mum to help him die. My heart ached so much when Louisa was lying next to Will on his deathbed. Those emotions described in the book felt so real to me.

I was upset. I was angry at Will. Yet I thought I could understand his choice. He was a high flyer. I suppose he had it all till that very fateful day that robbed him of his independence. His life, really. He played God by choosing to end his life prematurely. But who am I to judge if that was right or wrong?

I felt sorry for Louisa. Firstly, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she landed herself the job as Will’s carer. Secondly, she did believe that she could change his mind. Thirdly, how painful it must have been for her to witness his death. My heart ached for her. Just when he’s made her believe she’s got potential to achieve better and higher goals in life and that the world out there is hers to explore, her world came crushing down when he didn’t change his mind.

At the end of it, I sighed. Heavily.


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