Off to Oxford


On Monday, we’ll be flying to Oxford to visit Dan’s family for 8 weeks. While I’m excited to see everyone again, I’m also feeling very nervous and stressed out over the upcoming journey. I’m absolutely rubbish on planes and coaches since I get motion-sickness. I also feel claustrophobic on planes (unless it’s the A380).

I’m praying really hard that Theo won’t be a handful throughout the journey or I might literally be sick all over myself. Seriously, the thought itself is revolting. Breatheeeeeeee!!!!!

On a more positive note, I’m super excited to show Theo Oxford! It’s after all where half his family lives and Oxford is GORGEOUS! It’s great that he’ll get to spend time with his Nana, Grampy, Aunties G & Z, Uncle R and Cousin K-L. I’ve also spent a lot of time looking up baby activities he can participate in Oxford while everyone is at work during the week.

We’ll also be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in Oxford this year in a very British way. I’m just so thrilled at the thought of it but I shall not let the cat out of the bag YET.

So, watch this space for more Oxford related updates!


3 thoughts on “Off to Oxford

  1. Oh my god the good weather and all those English houses and architecture!!! Ah, why are u doing this to me?

    Show me loads of pics. Spam my phone with pictures!!!

    Love from Singapore. ❤️❤️

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