Loving the Reds in Oxford

The journey from Frankfurt to Oxford went exceptionally smoothly. Theo behaved himself, I didn’t get sick from flying or the coach ride and it was a breeze to go through immigration.

On Wednesday we took a stroll to the city centre with Aunty G while the sun was out. IMG_0234.JPG

I’m enjoying the change in scenery from Frankfurt. No skyscrapers, no construction at my doorstep, no awful graffiti on beautiful historical buildings, no airplanes flying past the house. On our little trip to town, we took a few photos since it’s Theo’s first visit to Oxford.


Iconic, red telephone booth. I don’t remember using a telephone booth for ages!


How can I not take a photo of the post box since Theo’s favourite programme now is Postman Pat?


Capturing the signs of autumn. Oh, and red is my favourite colour.


A common sight in Oxford – peeping into one of the many colleges.

It’s great walking through town realising that I can understand what others are saying. Not that I’m eavesdropping but some of things you hear people (usually the students) spout out of their mouths in Oxford are “genuinely” hilarious. It brings back memories of my university days in Singapore, Japan and here at Brookes. The days spent writing essays, engaging in so-called “intelligent conversation”. I suppose that’s one of the great thing about Oxford – so much history, so many brainiacs walking down the streets, so much so that it’s a very inspiring place that motivates one to want to continue learning. Yup, even when most conversations you overhear sound “genuinely” pretentious.


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