Last week, we visited the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. As we brought Theo along and it was free entry (yay!), we only explored some of the dinosaurs, leaving the rest for another time.
The 150 years old museum was given a new roof and reopened earlier this year. Now, it feels brighter in the building as you explore the extensive range of exhibits.


To go along with the dinosaur theme, I dressed Theo up in his dinosaur outfit.

The museum is home to the casts of T-Rex (below) and Edmontosaurus (pic above Theo’s).

Did you know Oxford had its own dinosaur from the Jurassic age? Here’s the Eustreptospondylus which was discovered in 1871 in Summertown, Oxford.


Since we don’t live too far from the museum, we’re hoping to visit it again to see the other exhibits. I was so impressed by the new roof that I hardly had time to read everything on display! I’ll have to check out the Dodo and the sperm whale jaw next time!


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