6 Months Old (Already?!?!)


6 months ago, a little boy was placed in my arms. I fell in love with him immediately even though I barely knew him. He became my priority, my responsibility, and meant the world to me.

Theo is now 6 months old. In the past few months I’ve come to understand my little man a little more. He seems to have his own way of letting me know more about him every single day. I learnt about what makes him laugh, what sounds he makes when he’s bored, what annoys him, how he wants us to entertain him, what his favourite toys and books are and so on. He’s always changing though. His panda toy used to amuse him so much but now he loves the rattles he gets to play with at his Nana’s house.

At 6 months old, he is now better at “communicating” by screaming. If I stop him from killing himself by eating his board books, he screams at me. If I pop into the kitchen to make him breakfast so he doesn’t starve, he screams at me. If I quickly excuse myself to go to the loo, he screams at me as if I deserve to get kidney stones in the future. My point is – this boy screams!IMG_0584.JPG
I assure you he doesn’t look the slightest bit cute when he screams.

He’s only 6 months old and I already feel like this boy testing my limits. So far, I’ve said stuff like “what’s your problem?” , “oh my god!” , “for goodness sake!” , “just stop your nonsense/ screaming!” to him. Yes, I need to remind myself that he’s ONLY 6 months old and he can only use “eeeee” and “ah ahah ah” cries to communicate with me.

Despite his peculiar preference for cardboard and more than annoying way of expressing his displeasure, Theo is wonderful. I got to admit that on some days he really pushes all the buttons to set me off. Ironically, those are the days I’ll look at him closely as he sleeps in my arms and think “what an angel!”.

So glad you’re part of our family for the past 6 months, Theodore. You’re perfect to Mama and Papa. We try to be the best Mama and Papa to you even on days when we fall short of being perfect to you.


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