Browns Cafe, Oxford

The cafe is located in the Covered Market which dates back to the 18th century. On its menu, you’ll find traditional English breakfast, burgers, omelettes, steaks, jacket potatoes etc , all at reasonable prices. There’s no pretentious front to the cafe – ie. fancy interior design, armchairs or useless pieces on display. I know people do hang out at cafes for the ambience but a simple-looking cafe like Browns has its own feel to it too.

The waiters and waitresses were friendly. The owner seems to know his customers as I saw him speak to a few older patrons, sharing jokes. Apart from the locals, it is no surprise that some tourists who visit the Covered Market visit Browns too. During my visit, I overheard a few Singaporeans on holiday in the UK.

I ordered a jacket potato with cheese and baked beans in hope of sharing it with Theo. But he was fast asleep!!!
The potato was fluffy so that was good. However I suspect that it was microwaved instead of being baked in the oven. The skin was just too smooth (wasn’t even the slightest bit browned). Also, the cheese topping wasn’t browned too. Don’t get me wrong as it tasted good still. I just wished it was a little more crispy.

Dan ordered himself The Grill.


A big breakfast at lunch time for a very hungry man it was! Do you see the sunny-side up???!!! I think that was cooked to perfection! Everything else was pretty “normal” according to Daniel, which is good.

It’s a simple cafe which serves simple home cooked food. The service was quick and friendly despite the crowd. It’s the sort of place to go to for a quick but satisfying bite before you continue exploring the rest of Oxford.


2 thoughts on “Browns Cafe, Oxford

  1. Jill

    I always found Brown’s in the market a good place to take young children because they will happily do plain sandwiches without all the extra pickles and frills that places like Pret insist on. And it’s not too expensive, so if they don’t eat it all (or fall asleep) you don’t end up grinding your teeth or eating up their leftovers! Not to be confused with the other Oxford Brown’s – another Oxford institution.

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