Zappi’s Bike Cafe, Oxford

Men in leather jackets, riding boots and tattoos are a frequent sight here! Of course not! I’m just kidding. Zappi’s has bikes, but more like bicycles.IMG_0700.JPG
I’m a self-confessed bad cyclist. I reckon I’m doing road users a service by not cycling. However, all the positive reviews on Trip Advisor made Zappi’s sound inviting and I thought it would be pretty interesting to check a bike-themed cafe out.

Zappi’s is located above Bike Zone on St Michaels Street, Oxford. Many of their customers are students (well, laptops, papers, and discussions on some sort of academic essay) who need a good cup of coffee to perk themselves up and some toasties.

I ordered a Machiato which by the way shouldn’t be confused with a Latte Machiato. I’ll admit that I made this silly mistake (ignorance on my part). It was so strong! The rich flavours of the beans definitely did “punch through” the milk (as mentioned on the cafe’s website). I’ve always liked dark roasted beans for my coffee and it was what I had at Zappi’s. Ahhh… I do miss our old coffee machine that would start grinding beans at 7am daily. Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee made getting out of bed easier.

Many patrons sing praises of the toasties at Zappi’s. To be honest, toasties can easily be made at home very cheaply. It’s not rocket science but since we were out running errands, we thought we might as well get some lunch.

That’s a very delicious home-made Zappi’s Club Toasties that has chicken, bacon, tomato and cheese. Yup, very basic ingredients in a sandwich but you have no idea how excited I got over it. I LOVE sandwiches. But my country of residence (Germany – Frankfurt, to be more specific) doesn’t quite do sandwiches that the Brits do! And this brings me to my next point.

British food IS NOT horrible! Simple food like cheese toasties is popular here. In fact, we just made cheese toasties at home the other day. Want a tip? Use VERY good cheese. In my opinion, vintage cheddar is the way to go.

What else can I say? There’s even a book called Toastie Heaven: 100 great reasons to dig out the sandwich toaster.

A quirky and chic cafe in the middle of town this is. If you’re in Oxford and fancy a wicked cup of coffee (not Starbucks or Costa!!!), you now know where to go.


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