Krispy Kreme, Oxford

“Hello! Here’s a box of doughnuts for you!” the lady exclaimed as she handed me a box filled with a dozen doughnuts.

“What’s the catch?” I asked.

“It’s for free because we’re opening a new outlet at Clarendon Centre,” she explained with a smile.

We came home with a dozen original glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. It was my first time having them and they do taste fresh and scrumptious. They were smart to hand out the originals so people could taste the goodness of the doughnuts.

As we all fancied the doughnuts, we visited their new outlet in Oxford’s Clarendon Centre yesterday. We had a lot of difficulty choosing the ones we wanted because we were spoilt for choice. Being sleep deprived parents, we couldn’t work out the deals on offer. Probably seeing how lost we were, Shamail (the guy working at the outlet) said we could actually choose ANY 6 doughnuts for £8.95. Excellent! That made life a lot easier for us.

When we got home, we were so excited to share the doughnuts with everyone. When G opened the box and went “Woo!!!” in excitement, I shouted “NO!!! Those aren’t the doughnuts we selected!!!” We were given half a dozen of Chocolate Sprinkles doughnuts. Dan loves chocolate sprinkles but NOT when he had put in a lot of thought into selecting other flavours too.

I rang up the shop in Oxford to explain what happened. Shamail, whom I spoke to over the phone, was MORE than helpful. He realised that the boxes must have been mixed up and given to the customer before us. He gave us the option to pop by the shop at our convenience to re-order the doughnuts we ordered for free. Oh, and the box of chocolate sprinkles was ours to keep.

We went back the next day to pick up the doughnuts. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their customer service.


I was expecting to do more explanation of what went wrong to the staff and wait around before a grumpy manager reluctantly agree to give us our original order. BUT NONE OF THAT HAPPENED!


All we got were smiles from all the staff behind the counter, people who were truly apologetic. Even when I said I should have checked the box before leaving, the guy said it was still an error on their side to mix the boxes up. WOW!!??!!

The doughnuts are delicious. The people are great. Will I be back for more? All our waistlines are shouting “NO!!!!” but hey, it’s Christmas!


One thought on “Krispy Kreme, Oxford

  1. hahaha how awesome!! Their customer service is amazing!! The doughnuts look delicious… in the end their mistake was good, so you had the chance to eat some more 😀
    I wish you and your family Merry Christmas 😀

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