2014 was a steep learning curve for us. Unlike taking our GCE or university exams where you can try to spot questions, theories we came across from books or the Internet did us not much good when it came to Theodore.

When he finally arrived in the early hours on 23rd May, reality hit us hard. He made us smile at the sight of him, and yet he broke our hearts. For the first time in my life I learned that I could love someone so dearly, so much so that his needs will come before anyone else’s, even mine.

Being a parent isn’t easy. We started off with a bumpy ride. However it all got better as the months flew by.


Who would have thought that 7 months just flew by in a twinkle of an eye? The baby who was totally reliant on me and his Papa is now growing up to be a big, strong and independent boy. He throws tantrums (which drive me insane!), he’s cheeky (makes me laugh), he’s loving (he’ll give anyone a good French kiss if you allow him to!!!) and he’s just so gorgeous (BIASED!!!!).

Ever since he was born, a lot of our energy is spent on him. That’s to be expected, really. On good days, it’s exhausting. On bad days, it’s like torture! But as a Mama and Papa team, we deal with it. Of course, we get on each others’ nerves, get all sensitive and snappy. We aren’t always the perfect, happy, “oh parenthood is all rosy” family. We have bad days too, and that’s fine.

2014 really did push us hard. However exhausted we were, we had to fight it. We couldn’t just throw the towel in. At most I would hide in the toilet for a few minutes. True story!

I like living in Frankfurt. Just like any other city, some aspects of it can be annoying (stupid smokers, public transportation on strikes etc), but I honestly am happy living there. In 2014 my circle of friends expanded in Frankfurt and it has helped me feel a little more like home.

4 years abroad and I’ve learnt that some old friends will remain friends while others move on. With some friends, the distance will never be an issue. And with others, we just stop sharing. It used to bother me a lot when friendships are lost. But these days, it’s not the quantity that matters.

2014 has been baby-focused. Instead of saying I’ve neglected other aspects of life, I would rather say I’ve prioritised my family.

It has been a challenging, life changing, demanding but rewarding 2014.

A big big thank you to all of you who read this space! Thank you for being supportive and commenting positively. It’s amazing how a blog meant for family and friends has brought me new friends from different parts of the world. Thank you to those who have taken initiative to contact me to arrange for a meet up in Frankfurt. I hope I haven’t looked too strange! You all have helped given me a sense of belonging in a foreign city and when I was lonely.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the last bit of 2014. May 2015 be another rewarding, fun filled and happy year for you!


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