Honey Waffles

The skies were grey, the wind was howling. I felt the strong gales push me from behind as we walked along the Main to town. Thankfully, it wasn’t cold. In fact, it was refreshing.

As we planned to have our main meal in the evening at home, we decided to only grab something small from the Farmers’ Market at Konstablewache.

On top of our regular Wurst in Brot, I also had Honey Waffle with Chocolate Sauce. It is not unusual to see a queue for it, hence I’ve NEVER had the opportunity to try it. As we were there past lunch time, the queue was a lot shorter and I’m so glad to finally lay my hands on freshly made warm waffles!

It’s just waffles. Nothing exciting or different, is it? Well, I love what I had. It was made only after I’ve ordered it so it was hot. And it wasn’t a plain waffle WITH honey. The batter actually had honey in it!

Now, I have another reason to visit the Farmers’ Market on Saturday!


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