Should Boys Play with Kitchen Sets?

When we found out we were having a boy, I freaked out. I hate football culture (men getting drunk, cursing and swearing, players pretending to be in great pain etc), I know close to nothing about Chess, I can’t even differentiate between a Porsche and a Lamborghini, and I don’t think I can name more than 5 different types of dinosaurs (ok, 3 actually). Thank goodness Theodore has a Papa who’s slightly more knowledgable than me in those areas.

I’m convinced raising a boy requires a lot of energy. Or maybe it’s just Theo’s constant need for thrill and excitement. Or there’s a worm in his bum because he wriggles so much. Anyway, having a boy got me thinking – should boys play with toys which are stereotypically girls’ toys? In this case I’m referring to a kitchen set.

I assume most people will not hesitate to agree that it is not a problem. After all, famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain and Bobby Flay (just to name a few) are men!

I’m saying a boy should own a kitchen play set. One day, boys grow up to be men and they’ll have to cook for themselves (or their families). If they’re going to own the real thing in the future, what’s wrong with starting them young with a kitchen set? A set like this helps children build motor skills, communicate, take turns by sharing and so on. They learn skills which both boys and girls need to have in life.

Similarly, girls should be given the opportunity to play with a toy tools set. Let’s be realistic – one day, they’ll leave home with a tight budget and end up buying cheap IKEA furniture for their first rented place.

The kitchen set is great! When I’m in the kitchen with Theo “supervising” me (bless this boy for not letting me out of his sight!), I do a pretty good commentary of whatever I’m doing. During playtime, I “remind” (since he probably doesn’t really remember me doing any of it) him of what Mama does in the kitchen using his kitchen play set. It has opened up a whole new world of conversations!

I definitely do not think that a kitchen set is too girly for Theo. Neither do I think it’s going to make him gay or less manly.

Do you let your child play with toys that stereotypically are associated with the opposite gender? Why?


5 thoughts on “Should Boys Play with Kitchen Sets?

  1. Yesterday S was playing with his kitchen, making me soup and salad and when he was done he went to “wash his hands” and then started “washing one of the pots” Obviously he’s been watching me, he did it so well and the only thing I thought was: “One day he’ll make some woman very happy” hahaha In all seriousness though, I think it’s important boys and girls play with what they like as al toys tap into their imaginations and develop their motor skills.

  2. Hi Yoyo, I’m not a mom myself ( not yet but we are thinking about trying for it this year – YEAH) but I believe toys are for learning and experimenting. They also help develop the child’s imagination and spatial awareness and such. Babies and toddlers learn new things everyday and toys are there to make them go through that experience together with their parents as well. I believe that baby Theo should be allowed a kitchen set, they are filled with textures and different shapes and its very healthy for him to play with it. The same goes for a tool kit toy for a girl. Why should we start dividing kids into stereotypical roles? Why can’t a girl have a race car set and a boy a baby doll? I mean, they will play with it and they will certainly have a lot of fun with it. The only ones seeing anything “wrong” with it are the “adults”. Are we reinforcing the stereotypical roles, “female vs male” on girls when we offer them girly things like makeup sets and kitchen utensil toys? Are we doing the same thing with boys, when we offer them car games and tool kits? Yes, yes we are. But children have very diverse toys and they play a lot and have fun with their toys and other friend’s toys, so at the end don’t be so concerned about these issues because I’m sure little Theo is just happy to be around you while playing with, anything really, that will make him smile. xoxo

    1. Good luck to you! Cant wait to hear your good news!

      You’re absolutely right! We shouldn’t be reinforcing stereotypical gender roles on our kids. I’m so glad Theo has the kitchen set to play with. He really enjoys it!

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