Improving One’s Quality of Life

Are you the sort of person who

1. Goes out immediately to get what you need the moment you’ve identified an issue?


2. Think real hard about it, browse online to see which product is the best, make a cup of tea, browse again to find fault with the best product on the market then have another cup of tea?

I tend to be number 2. And I know it’s annoying because I can’t make up my mind about buying something at times. In my head I wonder “Really? Do I need it? Will it be money well spent? Seriously? Is it worth it?”

Therefore, in 2015, we decided that one of our family values is to improve our quality of life by making everyday life simpler and easier.


One of the first things I bought in 2015 was a Slow Cooker. #Auntiealert

I’ve lost count of the number of headaches I suffered from having late dinners (as I waited till Dan came home before cooking). It was very stressful to rush through cooking and eating just so we can put Theo down to sleep at a reasonable time. As much as I love Bolognese, it got boring after having it a couple of times each week. Don’t even mention batch cooking because we have the tiniest freezer ever. Towards the end of last year, we were having kebabs and pizzas far too often for my liking.

After two weeks of using my new slow cooker, I can proudly say, “My life has improved!” No more stressful evenings wondering when to start cooking. Even when Dan gets home past 7pm, all we need to do is dish dinner up and dig in S-L-O-W-L-Y.

As food is usually ready by 5pm (I throw all ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning before 9am), it means Theo’s dinner is ready too. The boy eats whatever we eat, so no salt, no stock cubes. If I want the stew or soup to taste more flavoursome, I use more vegetables.

Ever since I started using the slow cooker, I have more time in the early evenings to give Theo a slow and relaxing bath, read to him, and play with him. He gets the attention he deserves without me having to chop vegetables or stand in the kitchen. It is brilliant!

Here are some of the benefits I’ve reaped from slow cooking:
1. Delicious and nutritious meals – flavours of meat and vegetables are retained. Meat is way much more tender than cooking on the stove.
2. Time saver – put all the ingredients in and let the slow cooker do the rest.
3. Easy to clean – food does not stick to the cooker and since everything is cooked in one pot, there’s only that to wash up.
4. So quick – it takes ages to cook but I don’t have to stand around in the kitchen or time the cooking. Dinner just needs to be dished when everyone’s home!


One thought on “Improving One’s Quality of Life

  1. John

    Sounds wonderful, one of life’s simple pleasures and would certainly improve my life. What’s your fave recipes and what settings do you use?

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