The Sisterhood of Motherhood

If you haven’t watched Similac’s advertisement on the Sisterhood of Motherhood, do watch the video above.

Those who have experienced motherhood knows how tiring it gets but nonetheless says it’s a rewarding and loving experience. That’s what most people think and say motherhood is anyway.

This short video (two and a half minutes long) really sums up what motherhood is like. It has its ugly side. It brings out the ugliness in us. We get all competitive and judgmental of other parents. We think we know their children better when we can’t even figure our own kids out. Just because Parent A isn’t doing what we are doing, we conclude that their parenting skills are incorrect or their children have issues.

Funny enough, this video which was posted on a Facebook page got a mum saying “Continuing to post it gives this company (Similac), which is otherwise taking money from mothers who would be better off in so many ways if they breastfed, FREE ADVERTISING “. Of course, such a comment annoyed another mum. Breastfeeding is scientifically proven to benefit babies and yes, mums should be encouraged to do so IF POSSIBLE. I went through hell the first couple of months with breastfeeding despite all the help I got from my midwife and I can tell you, my C-section wound was NOTHING compared to sore nipples. Don’t even start trying to tell me what possibly was wrong.

That’s precisely why I have a love-hate relationship with mummy groups. Everyone has their own agenda and thinks they know what is best for you. When I asked about which brand of nappy to buy before Theo was born, I was bombarded with comments such as “Why don’t you use reusable nappies? They are more environmentally friendly.” And that thread eventually was about where to buy the cutest reusable nappies in the UK. However, there are genuinely nice people out there who will answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask.

I make it a point not to give any parenting tips unless people ask what I’m doing to cope with an issue. It is then up to my friends to try if it works for them. Great if it does. But if it doesn’t, try something else or just let nature run its own course. My way of dealing with Theo is to follow his cues. It works best for the sanity of our family and that’s what matters most. But of course, this is seen as madness for others.

I also make it a point not to tell new parents-to-be what having a baby is like. Everyone was telling me how tired I would be, how tough it would be to do this and that before Theo arrived. I hated those comments for ruining the romanticised idea of motherhood I had. Of course they turned out to be true, but just allow excited parents some last moments of fantasy before the baby arrives, yeah?

We as mothers all want the same thing for our children – we want them to be healthy and happy. I think the video’s great in trying to get mothers to not judge each other. We all do things differently for personal reasons. Motherhood is a steep learning curve for everyone (be it your 5th child or 7th!). It’s not only learning about your child, but also learning to respect other mums’ choices. This is also something I need constant reminder of.


One thought on “The Sisterhood of Motherhood

  1. I absolutely loved this ad when I saw it. It hit the nail on the head…we are all moms, no matter how we choose to raise our children. And we’re all doing the best we can. I too try not to dish out advice unless asked. Funnily enough I often feel that people think because I read a lot and blog about parenting stuff that I know stuff and I have to keep saying, I’m no expert…just like them, I’m learning it as I go along x

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