The Start of My Barefoot Books Journey


Apart from being a mum and wife, I wanted to do something of my own. However, I was sure that whatever I was going to do had to benefit Theo. I had to make sure that “work” doesn’t mean having to slog away so someone else earns most of the money AND I don’t get to see my son. He’s growing so fast that I can’t imagine being away from him for 8-10 hours each day and missing out on all the milestones he achieves. Hence, I started my own home-based business as a Barefoot Books Ambassador.

At Barefoot Books we share captivating stories that stimulate children’s imaginations, curiosity, creativity and that celebrate cultural diversity.


I love how their books teach children that they are part of the global community. For instance, you don’t just learn to count from 1 to 10. In “We All Went On Safari”, you’ll learn to count in English and Swahili, discover African animals and learn about the Maasai people.

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The books also showcase beautiful illustrations that spark children’s imaginations. “Out Of The Blue” is an example of a wordless book which is sure to get those creative juices flowing!




One of my favourites (yes, I have many favourites!) is the Singalong series.

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Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Singing and dancing along to the catchy tunes sure make learning a lot more fun for the children.

If you’re based in the UK, you can shop online at

If you’re in Germany hunting for quality English books for your child, please feel free to contact me to find out more.

If you’re interested in organizing a joint event with your business in Frankfurt (eg. Kids’ boutique), please use the contact form on this website.

Here’s my Facebook Page where you’ll find what we have in stock and any upcoming events/ promotion.


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