Markt im Hof

It’s the third time I’ve succumbed to whatever virus that’s spreading since we got back to Frankfurt in January. Being sick with a child isn’t fun at all because there’s just no rest time until Dan gets back from work. It’s definitely not fun when the child falls ill too thanks to his Mama!

Oh well, but we try to make the weekends filled with fun. After all, it’s the highly sought after family time together!

A friend recommended me to visit Markt im Hof which is at Wallstrasse 11 in Sachsenhausen. It’s a lot less crowded than the Bauernmarkt in town but very welcoming.


The main reason for visiting Markt im Hof was to support Grace from Nyonya Cooking. She is actively trying to raise awareness of Malaysian food by making YouTube videos. On Saturday, she was selling chicken satays, teh tarik and Kaya toasts! Definitely comfort food for me.



She’s such a lovely person to chat with – very warm, cheerful and sweet. And her food was yummilicious too! Hopefully she received lots of compliments from Saturday and will be motivated to sell more often in Frankfurt.

I also tried some deep-fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Minced Meat from another stall.

Thumbs up too! Crispy on the outside and really juicy fillings. So many people were queuing for them. As it was my first visit, I wonder if the stall sellers are regulars there or if they change each week.

It only shows that I still have a lot to learn about Frankfurt!


3 thoughts on “Markt im Hof

  1. It is always great to see people promoting others because of their skill and diligence for an industry or profession, as well as the wonderful contribution they will be giving to society… in this case, the great flavors of Malaysia! The food looks simple, but that’s what’s great about comfort foods: they are simple, tasty, and uncomplicated. Thanks for sharing this, and hope you feel better.

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