Iimori Restaurant, Frankfurt

Iimori is popular for its French-Japanese fusion cafe in Frankfurt. Its cakes are delicate, beautiful and scrumptious. The atmosphere is top notch given its stylish furniture. You can read more about the cafe here

On Friday, I craved for some interaction with an adult so I met up with a friend at Iimori Restaurant for lunch. Fortunately we arrived before 12 as the place got packed rather quickly at lunch time. 

Iimori has a good selection of lunch-time bentos which range between €15 to €29. The Special Lunch sets include miso soup, green tea, salad, dessert and coffee. 

I ordered Katsu (Pork) Don for myself.

Here’s the great thing – the waitress offered to upgrade it to a set lunch that included miso soup, green tea, salad and dessert for an additional €5,50. Therefore the entire meal costs €16,50.

The Katsu Don actually tasted quite good. I wasn’t too sure about Iimori Restaurant initially as I was rather disappointed with their buffet a couple of years ago. I’m glad the ala carte dish turned out delicious.


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