Schnitzel Please, Frankfurt

Without fail, we’re woken up between 6.30 and 7am everyday. It’s as though I’ve set Theo to go off just like an alarm clock. He’s a pretty reliable one. 

Our Saturday mornings are spent at music class. It’s a class for babies and young children to sing songs, play instruments and dance around. Very fun but I’ll blog about it another time for parents in Frankfurt looking for music activities to attend with their children. So anyway, we were famished from the dancing and singing. Dan couldn’t wait to get home for lunch and I really couldn’t be bothered to cook after throwing my son in the air during class time and bouncing him on my legs. So we headed to Textor Cafe for lunch.

After the calorie-burning workout at music class, we needed a substantial lunch. We weren’t let down.

American Style Schnitzel – comes with bacon and onions.

Schwarzwald Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce

You know what?  Blogging about this is making me very hungry. The portion size is quite generous by my standards but it’s considered NORMAL in Germany. I’ve not been to a restaurant in Germany that serves a pathetic portion of Schnitzel. 

The pan-fried potatoes were perfect – crisp on the outside, creamy within. They weren’t too salty or oily either. The Schnitzels were amazing! 

I prefer the mushroom sauce at Textor Cafe to the one at Paulaner am Dom. The fact that it was lighter and not as salty won my vote. 

It wasn’t all meat for us. The meal came with a plate of mixed salad which was a meal by itself. 

Service was excellent too! I was feeding Theo some mashed banana I brought from home and bread. The chef came out with some sliced melon and grapes for Theo as snacks. Free! When a lady at the opposite dropped her cutlery, the chef immediately brought her clean cutlery before she even asked for it. How attentive is he, right? 

Here’s the challenge – how do I stop Dan from wanting to have a Schnitzel every Saturday afternoon?! 


3 thoughts on “Schnitzel Please, Frankfurt

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