Sushimoto – Chirashi Don, Frankfurt


It has been a year since I went to Sushimoto in Frankfurt.  I was pregnant with Theo so I stayed away from sashimi and ordered the Yakiniku set instead. I remember being envious of those around me who were digging into their sashimi sets and Chirashi Don. 

A year on, a friend suggested meeting up for lunch at Sushimoto and recommended their Chirashi Don. I did have second thoughts about ordering it as it was €20, but decided to satisfy my craving. It’s not everyday that I get to eat a proper lunch and I figured that I need whatever Omega-3 I can get from the sashimi! 

I was the happiest person in the restaurant I bet. What have I been missing out? Great, fresh sashimi in Frankfurt! It’s a shame that it’s NOT what I can have regularly since it comes with a rather extravagant price tag. 


3 thoughts on “Sushimoto – Chirashi Don, Frankfurt

  1. Oh wow, that looks pretty amazing! I’m trying to choose where to have my birthday lunch in Frankfurt on Monday; my husband is taking me for a child-free meal – I am SO EXCITED!! – but he doesn’t like sushi so I don’t really want to force him to eat it. Any suggestions for something else?!

    1. It was amazing! Sushimoto won’t be ideal for a birthday lunch anyway because it gets really busy. If you’re going to be in FFM, why not pop down to Vipho for Vietnamese? Order from the main menu instead of the set lunch (smaller portions). I recommend their beef Pho, ️red chicken curry, spring rolls, and you must have the ice coffee with sweet milk!

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