Cappuccino and Pear Cake

It was bitterly cold on Friday compared to Wednesday’s summer-like afternoon. I felt the wind in my bones and wished I could hide under my snug duvet forever. But of course, Theo had other plans. 

To help me feel like the weekend wasn’t too far off, I met up with a couple of friends at the park with our babies. Meeting friends during the week has helped me maintain my sanity.

After my calorie-burning session at the park (because pushing Theo on the swing requires gazillion effort!), I went to Schiffer Cafe for a slice of cake. 


It was exactly what I needed after a tiring week! Don’t be put off by the cream because it was light, and not too sweet. It’s not very often that I find pears in cakes (apples are more commonly used?). And this was with cappuccino. I thought it was rather unique. The cake turned out really delicious. 


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