Thai Lao Restaurant, Frankfurt

I’m super excited to share another hidden gem in Frankfurt – Thai Lao restaurant. A couple of friends recommended the place to me so we tried it out (finally!!!) after storytime. 

The interior deco may look unimpressive but any foodie should know that it’s the quality of the dishes that count. The lady boss (who’s from Hong Kong) was ever so friendly and pleasant. 

We ordered a good selection of mouth-watering dishes to share.

Thai Morning Glory


Fried fish with vegetables – A fish with its head still attached!!! It has been a long time since I last dig into something like this! I know this will sound disgusting to some people, but I helped myself to the head. YUMMY! 


Fried rice – This plate of rice didn’t have msg in it. It tasted just like homecooked fried rice. Usually I’ll be super thirsty after eating fried rice elsewhere (even if they’re super tasty), but not this time. 


As we were out with 3 tired kids (yup, we were really pushing our luck this evening), we had to be quick. I wasn’t going to be evil and stop a kid from having his noodles just so I could blog about it. We actually had a wider spread than what’s actually shown here.

Thai Lao does dim sum too and I heard that the chef makes them. I’ll be up for trying it out soon and I’ll let you know if it’s any good. 


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