Takeaway Burgers in Frankfurt

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However all opinions expressed are mine.

I’ve used Pizza.de – the yellow pages of restaurants and Imbisses in Frankfurt – on three separate occasions to determine the quality of the burgers and service. (I’ve blogged about Pizza.de here. Follow them on Facebook for updates and promotions here.)

1. Burger You

Location: Im Mainfeld 42, 60528 Frankfurt am Main

Rating: 4.667 Stars (as of 3rd April 2015)

Packaging: Clean and fresh appearance as the boxes were smartly coloured in white and green. The food arrived warm and nice.

Taste: The BBQ Bacon Burger was palatable and fresh.

We also tried the Crunchy Chicken Burger which was very juicy. 

The onion rings were crispy and, most importantly, delivered hot.

To be honest, I was skeptical about the quality of takeaway food as I was afraid that it might turn up soggy and lose its freshness. However, Burger You did a great job in ensuring that they didn’t compromise on the quality of the food.

Delivery: The delivery man was ever so friendly. He also made sure I was aware of the 10% discount printed on the boxes for future purchases. Delivery was pretty quick too even though I placed my order at 6:30pm on a Thursday. The food took 30 minutes to arrive.

2. Food Rockers

Location: Daimlerstr. 27, 60314 Frankfurt am Main 

Rating: 4.267 Stars (as of 3rd April 2015)

Packaging: The burgers, chicken wings and noodles came in foam boxes to keep them warm. Nothing spectacular about the packaging compared to Burger You, but that didn’t bother me as the food was warm when delivered.

Taste: Chicken wings are one of my favourite comfort foods. They aren’t difficult to cook but as Dan has been working late, I haven’t had the opportunity to cook chicken wings AND look after Theo. Therefore, I was glad to indulge in those finger-licking good wings. Craving satisfied! 

We also ordered the Delux Hawaii Burger, Bacon Burger and Chilli-Cheese Burger. 

The Hawaii burger was rather interesting as it had pineapples and ham in it. On hindsight, what did I expect? Some sort of exotic Hawaiian sauce?

The Bacon Burger was neither impressive nor mind-blowing. It was basically a beef burger with just one slice of bacon. I was expecting a little more bacon. 

The Chilli-Cheese Burger isn’t for the faint-hearted. It will literally set your lips on fire! There were tiny red chilli slices with seeds in it. I’m a BIG chilli eater but the spiciness of this burger was just too much for me to handle.  

We also gave the Stir-fried Duck Noodles a go. Dan was so happy that they used thicker yellow noodles, just like what Chinese takeaway shops in the UK would use for Chow Mein. The portion of duck was generous and it was rather savoury. I enjoyed this dish a lot.

Delivery: It took around 30 minutes for the food to arrive which was great. The delivery man was friendly enough and cautioned me that the food was hot and to be careful.

3. Casa Italia

Location: Ronneburgstr. 5, 60435 Frankfurt am Main

Rating: 4.333 Stars (as of 3rd April 2015)

Packaging: I have no idea why the burgers were first wrapped in foil and then placed in foam boxes. It was a bad idea. No doubt they were warm, but the hot air condensed into water droplets and made the burgers soggy. As you can see from the picture, they look flattened too. Definitely didn’t look appetising to me.

Taste: We ordered some BBQ ribs which were quite tough.

The baked potatoes with bacon and cheese actually turned out pretty decent.   

The fries were a disappointment, unfortunately. They were cold when they arrived and were soggy. They are what I call “cardboard chips”.  

Delivery: The restaurant is approximately 20 minutes car-ride away from my place, so it’s not exactly near. However I thought I would try it out to see the quality of food as the restaurant delivers to my neighbourhood. I’m rather disappointed with my experience with Casa Italia.

An average of 4.333 is a reasonably high rating. I reckon the long journey from shop to home jeopardised the food quality. It took 1hr 15mins from ordering my food online to getting it delivered to my home. That’s a pretty long time to wait.

Overall Experience 

I did enjoy using Pizza.de as it was really convenient and easy for me to place orders. I love its filter and search functions that allow me to choose a particular cuisine that I like. I’ve only tried 3 places out and I’m satisfied with 2 out of 3 of them.

Will I be using Pizza.de again?

Yes! It offers me so many options to choose from, all from the comfort of my living room. I don’t have to “just grab a burger and go”. It’s nice to be able to sit down at my dining table to enjoy delicious food with my family.

Don’t forget to follow Pizza.de on Facebook for regular updates and promotions! To check out other restaurants and Imbiss, go to Pizza.de



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