Pak Kung Cafe & Bakery in Singapore


Singapore is ever changing. I do wonder if I can ever keep up with all the exciting changes at times since we only visit every 2 years. It’s not only the city center that’s changing; the suburbs, the heartlands are evolving too. I live in what my friends called the “rural” part of Singapore (in the West). However with these changes, I feel as if the city center is brought to me. 

This afternoon, we took the bus to Jurong Point, our heartland mall. It was first built in 1995 when I was 11. Over the years, the mall has been extended to what it is today. We went to “Hong Kong Street” in the mall for tea break. Neon signboards were hanging over our heads as we walked through the “street” with Cantonese songs played in the background. Restaurants and cafes served dim sum and Chinese cuisine. It did feel as though we’ve gone to Hong Kong! 

We went to Pak Kung Cafe and Bakery for a short break. I ordered Daniel HK Style French Toast (his first!) while mum and I had egg tarts and HK Style Tea Coffee.  

The toasts were dipped in egg, deep fried and then served with a slab of butter and golden syrup. It’s one of the most delicious variation of French toasts. 


Egg tarts are egg custard filled in pastry. These were so crumbly. Loved them!


Hmmm… I’m not quite sure what to make of HK Style Tea Coffee. It is apparently made up of 3 parts coffee and 7 parts HK milk tea. I thought it left a bitter after-taste which I didn’t quite fancy. 

It was a good experience though. I really liked the HK Style French Toasts – probably enough for me to make a trip back there one more time before we head back to FFM. 



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