Flying with an 11 month old 

After surviving a 1.5 hour flight to London when Theo was slightly more than 5 months old, I plucked up courage and booked a family holiday back to Singapore. Theo was approximately 11 months old. Oh! And the flight was 12 hours long. 

Good news is, we survived the flights and are back to Frankfurt. This will be inspiring for parents who have yet to fly with their child, because if we can do it, anyone else can too. Flying with a child for the first time can be daunting as we don’t know how the kid will be like on the flight. Google will give you a million and one reasons to worry about flying with your child. However, I’m telling you it’s possible to fly with your child and it doesn’t need to be THAT stressful for you. 

1. Wear loose and comfortable clothings

This applies to both yourself and the baby. If I had absolutely no sense of shame, I would be in my PJs but I was hoping to be upgraded to Business Class (in my tights!). Fat hope, of course! 

Instead of putting Theo in his snuggler (something like a Gro bag), we found that layering him up was more appropriate. The poor boy was overheating on the plane in his snuggler. It resulted in super rosy cheeks. Cute, but definitely not comfortable for him.

Layers are great as you can put more on if it is too cold and just take them off if the baby is overheating. 

2. Pack a jar (or two) of baby food

As I wasn’t sure when lunch/ dinner would be served onboard, I brought my own jar of baby food. Singapore Airlines was happy to heat up the food for us too. Although we did pre-order a baby meal for Theo, the serving times didn’t quite match his usual meal times. Hence I was glad I had my own food to feed Theo and not disturb his sleep on the flight.

3. Pack extra nappies (and clothes)

Not just a couple of nappies. Pack like an extra 6 nappies!!! Of course this might depend on the length of your flight but I was relieved that we packed a lot of extras. Thankfully there wasn’t a big nappy incident, but we had to change him quite often as he was drinking a lot and did number two a couple of times too. 

4. Pack toys and books

For the sanity of other passengers, please refrain from packing electronic toys that sing whenever your baby presses a button. It might be interesting for your baby, but I imagine it to be annoying for others. We packed Sophie the giraffe, nesting cups, and some soft toys.

We were selective of the books to bring along as they can get quite heavy. In the end we had with us a touch and feel book, Theo’s favourite bedtime story, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. That meant that we had to repeat the stories but babies love repetition. 

5. Bring a baby carrier

For babies who can’t walk yet, a carrier would be useful to carry them on the flight. It makes walking up and down the aisle easier and some babies sleep better in carriers too. Babies this age love exploring, so be prepared to walk a lot. 

Being confined on a plane with Theo for 12 hours was pretty much just like being home all day with him. Fortunately for us, he didn’t suffer from ear aches during takeoff and landing. Yes, it was exhausting to travel with a baby but definitely doable. 


2 thoughts on “Flying with an 11 month old 

  1. Hi! How was Singapore with baby? We are travelling from London to Singapore in a week with our 11 month old and I’d be interested to know how you found Singapore – I hear it is quite child friendly, though I am a bit worried about the heat. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Sarah, there are lots of fun stuff to do with your 11 month old in SG! I would recommend the Zoo (super fun water play area) and definitely Garden by the Bay (water play area too). My son was also 11 months old when we went back to visit family in Singapore.

      The heat is definitely a challenge. My boy had a little rash on his neck when we got there because he want used to it. He was dressed in only short sleeve bodysuits throughout the holiday – no shorts, socks, shoes whatsoever.

      It’s quite child-friendly. But do note that if you’re taking the bus, you’ve got to fold your stroller up before boarding and carry your baby. It’s very different to what we’re used to in Europe.

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