Our Clubfoot Journey: Growing feet

 No one could ever guess that Theo was born with bilateral clubfeet. Just look at my soon-to-be 1 year old standing up in his playpen confidently. The coffeeshop aunties in Singapore who saw his chubby feet said Theo’s destined to have a fulfilling life and be a big boss in the future (old wives’ tale)! 
As I was clearing the wardrobe this morning, I took out Theo’s first two pairs of treatment shoes. They were size 80 and 90. When I placed them next to his current pair, size 110, I felt emotions rised within me and soon, warm tears voluntarily rolled down my cheeks. This happened when Theo was happily cruising round his playpen.  

These shoes are a constant reminder of our clubfoot journey. Although they are part of Theo’s bedtime routine (thankfully without any resistance whatsoever!), looking at them this morning made my heart ache for my boy. He has been so brave throughout his treatment. Well, probably because he has been treated since day 3 of his life and doesn’t know any different. He’s a healthy and happy little boy. Yet when I looked at the shoes this morning, it was as though someone had reopened my wound and sprinkled salt on it. 

Thankfully, I have Daniel who’s always there to offer an alternative perspective. His first response was “Ohhhh!!!! What tiny feet he had! He’s grown so much!!! So cuuuuute!!!! So proud of you, Theodore!!!” 

Yes, my boy is growing well. Thank you, Papa Daniel, for reminding me. We’re almost done with a year of treatment. 3 more years to go. 



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