25 Reasons to Celebrate My First Year of Motherhood

It was only when my landlord congratulated me on Theo’s birthday that I realised that we as parents were celebrating our first year of parenthood. A year of survival. 

In the past year, there have been countless of times that I thought I was going to die for various reasons. Of course I didn’t, or else I wouldn’t be blogging this! So, here are my reasons for celebrating my first year of motherhood:

1. I survived breastfeeding even though there was a point in my life when I felt like I was in hell and I hated it when it was time to nurse as my boobs were sore and swollen. 

2. I realised that heartaches don’t kill me. They only make me stronger for my boy.

3. I discovered the true meaning of unconditional love. 

4. I never had to clean poop in the bath tub. (Hopefully not going to jinx this!)

5. Despite my son’s obsession with putting everything and anything in his path into his mouth, we have never been to A&E to remove any foreign objects within him.

6. I can be sleep deprived and be a grumpy person but all it takes is a kiss from my boy to recharge my energy levels. I suppose I’m easily pleased.

7. I fall asleep breastfeeding him almost every night but have never dropped my baby.

8. My son has never peed on me.

9. I’ve only ever encountered a poop incident once on my hands (small incident).

10. I didn’t hit people who stared at my son when he wore his boots and bar. 

11. I sometimes let my son try food we eat outside without killing him.

12. I laughed when my top was soaked through with milk.

13. I never once replaced cow’s milk with breastmilk when making my husband a cup of tea although I’ve threatened to do so (much to his disgust!).

14. I managed to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes before my son turned one. 

15. I look after my son all day by myself when my husband’s at work and the boy is still kicking away. I seriously had doubts keeping a baby alive when he was a newborn.

16. Despite my poor judgement of European weather, my son didn’t freeze in cold weather.

17. After 10 weeks, I learned that babies have sensitive skin and are prone to harmless rashes caused by hormones. That helped reduce the number of trips I make to his paediatrician significantly.

18. I stopped relying on medication to treat my son’s common cold. I swear by chicken soup now and it feeds the whole family. 

19. I didn’t kill my husband when he said “Brilliant! Theo slept through the whole night!” because he didn’t hear our boy cry. 

20. My boy has never fallen off the bed or sofa. 

21. My son has eaten the menus at restaurants less than 5 times. This IS impressive given that he puts everything in his mouth. 

22. After 6 months, I no longer cry when I put on the boots and bar for my son. Not because it doesn’t hurt me anymore when we do it, but because my boy has always been brave and brilliant when it comes to his treatment.

23. I’m still alive even though I haven’t slept properly for more than a year. Well, approximately 19 months if you include the time BEFORE my son was born. 

24. I’ve accepted that my clothes will have snot, food or dirt on them.

25. My husband and I aren’t divorced even though we sometimes feel like killing each other.

Good job to Mama & Papa! 


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