Read! Read! Read!


At Theo’s recent check-up (the Germans call it the U6), his paediatrician said we should read LOTS to him. Apparently babies pick up a lot of vocabulary in the second year of their lives hence reading aloud helps them learn new words.

We’ve been reading to Theo since he was born. I’m all up for reading for the following reasons:

1. A good habit to have.

2. A way to learn new vocabulary. 

3. Encourages children to be imaginative.

4. Allows parents to spend quality time with their children.

5. Teaches children about the world and other cultures.

Although we have a bookshelf for all of Theo’s storybooks, I’m a little doubtful of the shelf staying upright. This little guy is well capable of doing some serious damage to himself if he pulls books off the shelf. I thought it would be discouraging to keep shouting “No!!!” whenever he tries pulling a book off the shelf or even goes near it. Therefore, I’ve filled his nappy box with board books and placed it in his playpen.  

 He can pick whichever book he wants, flip the pages without me worrying if he’s going to tear anything, lick it and so on. 

About 3-4 times a day, we’ll go through the books together. Depending on his attention span, we read between 2-5 books at a go. I find that he’s able to concentrate best in the mornings and when there’s nothing else apart from the box of books in the playpen.

I’m glad that Theo shows interest in books so far. I’m doing something right here! 🙂 



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