Rüdesheim am Rhein

Rüdesheim am Rhein, which lies in Rheingau, is a winemaking town. With its picturesque vineyards and castle ruins along the river to explore, it is no doubt that Rüdesheim is one of Germany’s most popular destination among tourists. 

There are approximately 380 highly-trained winemakers in this region which are family-run businesses. One of their specialities is Riesling which is the highest prized variety in this region. It covers 84% of the vineyard area in the Rheingau region. 

 (€5,90 for a glass)

Riesling is zesty and fruity. It is a must try if you’re in Rüdesheim!  

A walk up Drosselgasse, a cobbled old street that is 144m long, is highly recommended in Rüdesheim. Yes, the street is lined with traditional German restaurants and gift shops, but it does give you a taste of the town. You’ll find live music at lunch time, lovely food and pretty wine gardens. It is essentially a place to take out your cameras and snap away. 
To get a good view of the Rhein and vineyards, take the cable car up to the Niederwald monument. It costs €7 for a return ride and €5 for a single. We paid for a single and hiked our way down with a 10kg baby and a stroller. It was no easy task but lots of fun!   (Niederwald Monument)

Down we go!


The great thing about walking down, apart from it being easier than walking up, is that you can see the vineyards up close. The view is really breathtaking!


Some parts on the path had steps and weren’t exactly buggy-friendly, but Daniel didn’t complain about it. When he finally stood still at one point, his legs were shaking uncontrollably!


The fresh air helped Theo fall asleep. Too bad he missed the views but we were glad to just enjoy ourselves on our walk. 

Rüdesheim is only an hour away from Frankfurt Main Station on the VIA trains. It’s really close to Mainz and Wiesbaden too. If you’re in town, don’t forget to make a trip down to this stunning little town! 


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