Breuer’s Rüdesheimer Schloss


Rüdesheimer Schloss is located on Drosselgasse and prides itself as a traditional wine restaurant. We were lucky to visit Rüdesheim on a warm and sunny day, so an outdoor wine garden like this looked very inviting and romantic. 

As it’s a touristy town, it is not surprising to us that prices are slightly higher than usual. However, we were rather pleasantly surprised by the friendly service (it’s REALLY a rare in Frankfurt!!!) and delicious food.


Asparagus salad with marinated chicken breast and chips, €11

As it is asparagus season, I had to order this dish. Given the blistering hot weather we had during our visit, I was glad to order a cold dish! I loved the zesty and sour salad dressing. It was very refreshing. The asparagus were crunchy and juicy too. 

Fried sausage from regional game, Savoy cabbage, mashed potatoes and mustard, €14

Daniel ordered this dish and I just had to sneakily steal a couple of mouthfuls from his plate. It looks so delicious, doesn’t it? Seriously! As you bite into the sausages, juices would explode in your mouth. The meat was tender and flavoursome. The buttery smooth mash was a hit, and I think Theo loved it too. 

 Riesling, €5,90 for 200ml 

Since we were in a wine garden enjoying great food and lovely live music being played by a pianist, we thought we should order a glass of Riesling each. I’m not a wine person. I think wine tastes bitter unless it’s sparkling and dessert wine. Hence, I ordered a sweet Riesling while Dan had his dry. I definitely like mine sweet. The restaurant also has a huge selection of wine on their menu which I’m sure will be heaven for wine lovers. 

If you’re visiting Rüdesheim and want to have lunch here, I would recommend getting a table before 12noon. After noon, the tourist crowds flock in in big groups. 


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