Frankfurt Unveiled – London City Airport #NoFilter Project

Frankfurt, also known as Mainhattan, has been my home for the past 3 years. It is notorious for being a transit hub for travellers heading to Singapore from the Big Apple, New York City. Due to the presence of the European Central Bank and the various international trade fairs, it is no surprise that Frankfurt has earned itself the reputation of a mere “business center”.

However, does Frankfurt really lack character as a city? Is it really that dull? NO!!! That’s why I’m really excited to be part of London City Airport’s #NoFilter project which aims to debunk the clichés of Frankfurt. In this project, Harriet Baskas, editor of Stuck at the Airport , will be judging to see which travel blogs best presents Frankfurt. Her website is a great resource to turn to for up-to-date information on art and cultural exhibits, creative restaurant menus, observation decks, and amenities at airports worldwide.

So, in #NoFilter Frankfurt, we’re going back to basics – there will be no filters used to create “the mood” in photos and no editing programs used to create “the perfect” picture. Here’s my selection of photos:

1. The Altstadt (Old Town)


An iconic landmark in the city center that’s home to the Medieval City Hall, and the Gothic church, Frankfurt Dom.

2. Take a stroll along the Main


Cross Eiserner Steg (padlock bridge that links town to Sachsenhausen) to the south river bank where the museums are located to get an amazing view of Frankfurt’s skyline. During the Spring and Summer months, grab a drink and a slice of cake at Main Café or a kebab from the floating Meral’s Imbiss

3. Garden in the City 

Frankfurters are huge nature lovers. There are many parks in the city. One of my favourites is Grüneburgpark which is located in Westend, just next to Palmengarten. There are adventure playgrounds suitable for children of different ages in Grüneburgpark. The beautiful and serene Korean garden can also be found in the park.

4.  Ebbelwei-Expreß City Tour

If you’re short of time or walking isn’t your kind of thing (although I think a city is best explored on foot), hop on the Ebbelwei-Expreß which brings you on an hour-long journey to cover all the main sights in Frankfurt. There are podcast commentary onboard, music, pretzel and of course, Apple wine, to enjoy.

5. Frankfurt Christmas Market

Christmas in Frankfurt is one of the most amazing festivals. The market begins on 25th November and lasts till 22nd December in 2015. Don’t miss it if you’re in town! Warm yourself up with a cup of Glüwein (mulled wine) and get some delicious gingerbread. The market will be busy with everyone in a cheery and festive mood. 

#NoFilter Photography Tips

1. Don’t rely heavily on process filters

“Toaster”, “Hefe” or “Nashville” (just to name a few Instagram filters) may look cool, but very often I find myself leaning towards subtle effects more. 

2. Avoid zooming on smartphones

I can’t speak for Android phones, but when it comes to iPhone photography, avoid using the zoom function unless necessary. Zooming in using the iPhone unfortunately results in poorer resolution and sharpness. You end up with a poor quality image. If you want a close up image, move yourself closer to it.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Through practice you’ll familiarise yourself with your camera. It is useless getting an expensive DSLR if you have no idea how to utilise all its fancy functions. (Guilty of this! I ended up purchasing a point and shoot Olympus XZ-1 which I LOVE.)

4. Stop and think before shooting

Use your naked eyes to observe and appreciate what you want to shoot. Try looking at it from different angles WITHOUT using the camera first. We are often too quick to snap away just because everyone else is already clicking away on their cameras. 

I hope you’ll find these tips on photography and Frankfurt helpful.

Thank you London City Airport for giving me this fantastic opportunity to showcase Frankfurt! 


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