Frankfurt Transport Museum

The Frankfurt Transport Museum is located in Schwanheim, the end of the tram line 12. A friend brought her kids there some time back and recommended it to me. As Theo is now really excited about the different modes of transport, we decided to spend Sunday morning at the museum.

Fortunately for us, a very friendly English-speaking guide was there to show us around. He allowed us to “ride” on as many old trams as possible and was excellent at explaining the history of transportation in Frankfurt. 


One of the oldest streetcar at the museum dates back to 1884. This place really let’s you relive the past! 

What really impressed us was the pre-war trams. They had quality, comfy leather seats! Even the appearance of the trams looked beautiful and classy. In contrast to the post-war public transportation that were dull-looking (although functional and practical), the pre-war trams looked stunning. It was a shame that many were destroyed in the war.


The other highlight at the museum is the 1900 steam engine. 


Theo probably had the best 1.5 hours of his life at the museum today! 

I would love to bring him to the London Transport Museum!!! That would be fabulous!!!  


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