I love being a boy-mum

Truth be told, I wanted a girl. When my gynecologist told us at 16 weeks we were going to have a boy (and she said it with the most conviction EVER and circled the little gentleman’s area on the scan photo), I freaked out. There goes my dream doll house, pretty dresses, head bands and girly activities I had planned in my head. In contrast, Dan was EXCITED for his future son to “inherit prematurely” (before his death!!!) all his toy cars and trains. 

After 13 months of being a boy’s mum, I gotta say I love it. Here’s why I love being a boy-mum.

1. Full of energy

From dawn till dusk, the moment those smiley eyes are opened, Theo is bursting with energy. It can be tiring to look after him, however that positive energy he has in him is infectious. It’s a sign that he’s happy and healthy. The constant burst of energy often result in loud noises – no need to pretend to be demure. Boys will be boys. 

2. Boys have fun but practical outfits

My initial worry of not being able to shop for nice clothes is thrown out of the window. Boys DO HAVE fun, colourful and interesting outfits. I love everything colourful and boys’ clothes are often in green, blue, red, orange, yellow etc. There will be cool robots, cars, dinosaurs, spaceships, bears, crocodiles and so on on them too. It also makes life a lot easier for me to dress Theo up – a t-shirt and shorts/ trousers. And they usually match quite easily. Apart from the bother of layering up to stay warm in the colder months, I don’t have ribbons to fiddle with on his head.

3. I don’t fuss as much 

I have to admit that I’m a VERY protective mother. The slightest bump/ scratch and my heart aches. There will be a million “if only I didn’t let him do XYZ he would be unharmed” self-blame. So can you imagine if I had a girl?!?! Of course, I know accidents happen and it’s all part of growing up. But seriously, which mum enjoys seeing her precious child hurt? We all pretend that every darn fall is “part of growing up” because we don’t want our fellow mummy friends to think we’ve gone absolutely mental. So, fellow mummy friends – let’s admit that we’re all slightly nuts up there! Woooohoooo!!! 

Having said that, I don’t mind my boy playing a little more rough. It’s ok when another kid pulls or pushes him slightly or pokes him. I’m less worried because boys ARE rowdy. In our household, we tell Theo to “man up”. 

4. We get dirty

I used to be a clean freak. If you’re a boy-mum, you’ll know what a challenge this can be. One moment they’re digging dirt, another they’ll be poking their finger somewhere else. General cleanliness should be enforced but I’m not the sort of mum who constantly wipes her son’s mouth after every spoonful. Neither am I going to tell my son that the grass is dirty and he shouldn’t be walking on it. By all means, go barefoot as long as it’s safe. And because I allow him to roam freely at playgrounds and on the grass, it means dirt gets rubbed all over me too. That’s why we have a bath at the end of the day. 

5. Cool and fun toys

How many different cars, trains, fire engines, aeroplane and construction vehicles can there be? 13 months into being a boy-mum and geez … I really have a lot to learn and I love learning about them all! Who would have thought that the Transport Museum was the most exciting day trip ever? It also means they are super easy to distract when we’re out and about. Just ask boys where the cars/ trains/ aeroplanes are and it becomes a great I-spy game!

6. Boys love their mums

So do girls! What I’m saying is, when my boy uses both hands to turn my head towards him just to plant a kiss on my lips… WOW!!! It makes EVERYTHING and I mean every sweat, tears, pain and hard work all worth while. It’s an extremely special feeling. I just know that I’m his special woman for now. 


2 thoughts on “I love being a boy-mum

  1. This is so beautiful and precious. You’re doing a great job as a boy-mum and 100% deserve that kiss from him. A friend of mine who has 4 boys has a blog called the Exercise Hitlist. Check it out if you can! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Celia. 4 boys!!! She must have her hands full!!! I’ll definitely check your friend’s blog out 🙂 thanks for recommending it to me.

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