Whack the Paint

Last Christmas, the idea of homeschooling Theo crossed my mind. However, I found out that it’s ILLEGAL in Germany. One could face penalties such has hefty fines and imprisonment! But don’t all kids receive some sort of homeschooling before receiving formal education from the State?

With just 3 more months of time spent all day together with Theo before he attends playgroup, I’ve been researching for activities to do with a one year old on Pinterest. Here’s one of the fun ideas I came across.

 1. Spray canvas with some water and then randomly add bits of paint on it. 

2.  Wrap canvas with cling-film.

3. Let your child hit it, roll on it, step on it etc.


Tadaaaahhhhhh! Our finished art piece!!!


I love doing crafts like this as there will be something to keep at the end as a momento. 



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