Family Day at Lochmühle 

A week ago we visited Lochmühle which is no more than an hour away from Frankfurt Central Main Station. It is a family oriented theme park but nothing like Universal Studios or Disneyland. There are rides suitable even for one year olds, massive playgrounds, farm animals, BBQ grills, affordable cafes and restaurants and not much queuing involved. 

We really enjoyed the day. Theo’s 15 months and while he can’t go on most of the rides, he still enjoyed his day. His favourite was probably th miniature train ride. 

And anything that involves playing with water!

The entrance fee is €11 per person (kids under 90cm – free) which isn’t too bad. The cafes don’t try and break your bank by charging ridiculous amount of money for drinks or snacks too. So I would say it’s a fairly affordable family day out. 

As the weather was beautiful, many families were there to BBQ. According to their website, it’s free to use the grill. You’ll just need to call and book. 

My vehicle-obsessed son has to ride on every mode of transport he sees. 

If the weather turns out bad, Lochmühle has an indoor playground to not disappoint the kids.

There are mini ball pit areas for babies. Those areas are separated from where the bigger kids play so you can be rest assured that your baby won’t be stomped on by excited big kids. 

Isn’t this just the most amazing playground for bigger kids? Whenever I saw the kids climb up and slide down the poles, my heart skipped a beat. This isn’t for the fainted-hearted parent like me. Good luck to Daniel! He’ll have to deal with Theo climbing on such playgrounds when he’s a big older! 


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