Just Roam Freely

At 15 months, Theo is an amazingly fast crawler. Most kids his age are walking (and have been doing so for months) but we’re letting him take his time. The specialist didn’t raise any concerns about him walking the last time so we believe he will walk whenever he’s ready. That said, it’s pretty annoying when strangers comment about Theo not walking.


1. “If he was my son, he’ll be walking!”

2. “Maybe it’s because my daughter has older siblings to learn from hence she’s walking.”

Serious! Dead serious that I get those comments. How rude right? 

Anyway, there’s a lot of energy in Theo from the moment he opens his eyes. He’s bursting with energy EVERY day. Unfortunately, there isn’t much space at home to crawl around before I shout “DANGER!” Honestly, I wished there was a Zen-like room where there’s nothing (apart from his toys).

Therefore, the playground is the best place for Theo to be at.

It does mean that he consumes an average of 1kg of sand each week and needs a scrub almost everyday. 

But this boy absolutely loves his playground trips. And I love them too. All the crawling around tires him out. It means we don’t have to struggle (most of the time) at nap time! 

This playground is located along the Main in Frankfurt near Schweizer Strasse. It’s usually quite quiet in the mornings. The only issue I have with it are the adults throwing cigarette buds by the benches at the playground. So although I let Theo roam freely there, I’ve got to be careful and watch that he doesn’t pick up any cigarette buds.

This boy is going to LOVE the gymnasium room at playgroup when he starts in mid October! He’ll be all over the place!


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