Museums in the Afternoons

With Theo napping less as he gets older, I’m really pulling my hair out thinking of ways to keep him entertained and engaged. He’s always bursting with energy so keeping him home is exhausting and kind of boring. So lately, I decided to check out some museums in Frankfurt with him in the afternoons.

1. Museum for Communication

If you look closely, the sheep are made out of telephone cords. We stood there for a good ten minutes or so singing Baa-Baa Black Sheep. 

As we don’t own a landline at our place, Theo hasn’t really seen an actual phone apart from our mobile phones. He was thrilled to touch this classic phone and kept shouting “Hello”! 


There are old wagons, buses, cars etc that were used to deliver posts in Germany at the museum. Those were Theo’s favourite. He gets over excited seeing things that go. At the end of the visit, we stop by the cafe and enjoyed a slice of lemon cake together. 

2. Film Museum

There’s a special exhibit at the Film Museum – Films and Games. We visited it on a Sunday together with Daniel as I thought him being in the gaming industry would find this rather interesting. 

It was really cool to see scenes from films played out next to stages in games. Much to our surprise, Theo seemed to enjoy watching the films and the games. 

3. Kinder Museum (Children Museum)

It was a wet Sunday and we were desperate to find Theo a place where he could play freely without us saying “No climbing! No touching! No pulling!”. A few mums had recommended the free play area at the Kinder Museum so off we went to check it out.


There were blocks, soft toys, sensory play cushions and many more toys to play in that area. 

Bonus – and it’s FREE!!! 

It’s a great place for younger kids like Theo to play freely for 30-45minutes. Great for him to burn some energy! 

Museums aren’t that boring after all! 


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