First Shoes

While we were back in Oxford last week, we made a trip to Clarks to get Theo his first pair of shoes. At 16 months he is no walker yet, but he needed a pair for when Kita (playgroup) starts in two weeks’ time. 

He had his feet professionally measured in the store and it was no surprise that he has wide feet. It is apparently quite common for clubfoot babies. He walked (with help) strangely to begin with but after a couple of days I think he got better with the shoes.

Whenever I tell him we’re heading out to see buses, trains and cars (because that excites him the most), he’ll say “Shoes!” and pretends to put them on himself. 

You’d think that putting on shoes would be an easy task. However, we felt like drilling holes at the back on the shoes so we can see if his heels were properly fitted flat down just like how they should be when in boots and bar! After a few days, we got pretty good at putting the shoes on for Theo. 



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