Our Clubfoot Journey: First Independent Steps

A few mums who have or are expecting babies with clubfoot have contacted me via the blog. Sometimes they want to know what the Ponseti treatment is like, if Theo has issues with his boots and bar, whether the tenotomy operation went successfully and so on. I’m more than happy to answer their questions because I know very well how scared, worried and heartbroken these mums are for their little ones – especially if they’ve not heard about clubfoot or know anyone with it. 

We are very fortunate that everything has been rather smooth-sailing in terms of Theo’s treatment. However, when he didn’t start to walk at 1 year old, I got a teeny bit worried. After all, everyone else’s kids I know and similar in age were running everywhere. I told myself that Theo will walk whenever he was ready. 

My “best friend”, Google, tells me that if my child isn’t walking by 18 months something isn’t quite right and requires professional opinion. As days go by, Theo is getting nearer to being 18 months old. No bloody sign of wanting to walk independently! If we held his hand, he swayed from side to side as if we fed him Whiskey!

Then on 11th November, while Dan and I were having dinner and chatting on FaceTime with our family, Theo, who was sitting on the floor playing with his trains pulled himself up against the sofa and started to walk towards Daniel. He has never done that before! We didn’t ask him to either! He just decided he was finally confident and ready to take his first independent steps! 

We are the proudest parents E.V.E.R. I didn’t cry. Just over the moon. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy worrying about those precious feet. When I saw videos of other clubfoot babies walking, I feel so happy for the parents. Walking is such a huge milestone to achieve and it means so much to all parents. And I know when your clubfoot baby walks, it will be extra special for you too. 

Of course, you’ll worry when the little ones aren’t walking… And it’s perfectly understandable to feel that way. However, they will get there at their own pace and time. 


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