All Over the Place

On 11th Nov 2015, Theo voluntarily walked from the sofa to Dan the entire evening. Those were his first steps. We were over the moon. No doubt that clubfoot babies do walk normally with the right treatment, I wondered when ours would properly take his first step as he was almost 18 months.

December wasn’t exactly an exciting month as we had 3 trips to A&E with Theo. During that time, he didn’t have an interest in walking whatsoever. Even if he wanted to walk, he wanted us to help him along. I suppose the illness made him a little weak. Although we had a routine check with the Orthopedist, he couldn’t assess Theo as Theo refused to walk properly. In fact, he was walking on the inside of his feet. We were told to go back a couple of months later to reassess the situation as they wanted his feet muscles to get stronger.  

However, on the 19th of December 2015, Theo was walking all over our friend’s apartment with her toddler. We’ve never seen Theo walk so many steps before. And true enough, he was very soon running everywhere. 

Here’s a photo of him proudly walking around in Oxford showing off his Thomas backpack. 

Just like other toddlers, he’s well capable of ascending heights he shouldn’t really be – such as the cat’s bed (or Grampy’s coffee table!) which he calls “cot”. 

I suppose walking at 19 months is considered quite late since having clubfoot doesn’t necessarily mean that your toddler should start walking at a later age. I can definitely relate to the concerns parents of clubfoot babies have when they don’t see their little ones taking their first steps once they hit 18 months old. 

If you’re a mum/ dad with a clubfoot baby with no other complications, I hope that this post will give you some sort of reassurance that you’ll soon have a little walker – once they’re ready. Once they start, they really DON’T stop. 


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