Home Renovation – Kitchen Series (1)

We have been on the lookout for a new apartment for more than a year and we’re so pleased to finally sign the contract for one just down the same street we currently live on. Just like most German apartments, our new place has been white washed, has exposed wires dropping down from ceilings that are waiting to be connected to our own light fixtures and no kitchen. 

Yes, EMPTY kitchen.

I did quite an extensive online research on where to get a new kitchen without breaking our bank and decided to go ahead with IKEA. 25 years warranty, speaks English, great selection, not too expensive yet durable. Our current kitchen is from a cheap IKEA range that our landlady had for a million years and while it looks plain boring, it’s perfectly functional. Online reviews from forums and blogs of IKEA kitchens are quite positive too, so we decided on the Swedish brand. 

We have a tiny, narrow kitchen. When planning the kitchen, I made it known that I wanted an airy space. While storage is important, I didn’t want cupboards casting shadows everywhere. I just wanted to have enough storage space, but not over the top for us to stuff random bits and pieces in. 

To create an open, airy feel, I chose white glossy doors.  I’m hoping that the glossiness will also give a modern feel to the kitchen. 

Silver handles wil be attached to the doors to give it a smart look too. It was important that the handles don’t feel too filmsy. 

In contrast to the white glossy cupboards, I chose a dark brown laminate worktop.  IKEA sells wooden worktops but those need to be oiled every so often and I can’t be bothered to.  

To inject a little fun in the kitchen, I chose some red and grey open shelves that will be placed above the small eating area. 

Despite it being a tiny area, we thought having an eating space where I can put Theo at in the evenings while I cook would be handy. He can have his meal while I prepare dinner. 

We had initially planned to get our stove and oven elsewhere as I didn’t come across very positive reviews of IKEA’s electrical products. Whirlpool manufactures the lower range and I’ve heard some negative reviews in the UK and Australia about their after-sales service. However, the middle-upper range products are actually covered by AEG, which in my opinion is a more reputable make. So we got an integrated induction hob and oven together with the kitchen. 

This is the plan for our new kitchen. I’m really excited to see what it actually looks like on 14th March 2016! 



4 thoughts on “Home Renovation – Kitchen Series (1)

  1. I am most envious! I had to plan the kitchen for the first flat here and it fitted me to perfection (also IKEA and not too dissimilar to what you’ve chosen, actually, plus it included my first induction hob… ohhh how I miss that). However, we had to sell it when we moved and now in our current flat have the most terrible kitchen you’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t mind if it was *just* ugly, but it’s not particularly functional either and the oven and hob are rubbish! I do love where we live, but I can’t wait to one day have a beautiful kitchen again 😉 Hope your fit all goes smoothly – looking forward to seeing some “after” photos!

    1. Arghhh!!! I’m sure you’ll get yourself an awesome kitchen one day. But you’ve proved that you don’t need one to come up with exciting, delicious-looking recipes! 🙂

      I’m really excited but getting all stressed out with the move down the street. We’ll have to survive 2 weeks without a kitchen to begin with. Relying on my slowcooker….

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