Home Renovation – Kitchen Series (2)

After waiting for 6 weeks, our kitchen finally arrived. Somehow, we managed to survive in our new place without a kitchen for 2 weeks. It did mean that we had takeaways far too many times – to the point that I cringe at the thought of having another pizza or kebab. 

The last 2 weeks wouldn’t have been that easy on us even if we had a kitchen. I had the flu, Dan was ill himself too and so was Theo. Living without a kitchen made everything feel a little more depressing than it already was. So I’m glad the kitchen is built.

I wanted a space in the kitchen for Theo so part of the worktop is placed at normal table height. He could sit there and eat or watch me cook. The problem we had in the other apartment was he got very upset if he couldn’t join in the “kitchen fun”. With this arrangement, it also makes it easier if Dan works late and I can’t wait for him to get home to get a chance to make dinner.

We get a lot of sun in the afternoon in the kitchen which is great. 


As our hotwater in the kitchen uses a boiler, we needed a special tap (Mischbatterie Niederdruck) which IKEA doesn’t sell. They also won’t fix the boiler for you as their insurance won’t cover any damages done. So we’re getting a plumber in to finish off the plumbing work for the tap.

With a small and narrow kitchen, worktop space is sacred. That’s why we chose to have the drying rack hung on the wall. We almost couldn’t go ahead with this plan because of the hidden electrical wires and water pipes running behind the wall. Thankfully the montage team was very patient and kept trying till they found a clear spot. 


This is our first kitchen. We had a budget and we kept to it. I’m excited to try the induction hobs BUT I’ve yet to get pots and pans! 

The left wall is a little white and empty. I reckon we’ll want to put up some kitchen decoration just to make the room more homely. Currently it’s a little too clinical though functional. But just with any home renovation, we’ve learnt to do things slowly to make sure we get what we LOVE and not something to just make do with. So I’m sure we’ll be updating the kitchen over the next few months. 

In the meantime, I feel awesome just being able to make a cup of PG tips.


2 thoughts on “Home Renovation – Kitchen Series (2)

    1. I’m loving the induction hob. Wasn’t expecting it to heat the pot up in matter of seconds yesterday and I wasn’t quite ready to throw in my onions! Mini Dietz will learn to stay still and “help” soon. I can’t trust Theo to do just that yet. It’ll be his first time this evening to sit in his chair and watch me prepare dinner. Let’s see how that goes.

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